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Writers Wanted

We all have a story to tell. We are lucky to live in a world where it has never been easier to say what’s on our mind. Digital technology gives us the opportunity to spread the word to a wider audience than ever before. We are blessed with this and with that in mind Torrance Global came to be.

We strive to bring alternative news stories, interviews, reviews and much more to our global readers. Our stories normally have an inspirational tone because it is more important than ever to be reminded of the good that is going on in the world.

We are so excited be climbing from our humble beginnings to reach for the stars. With this in mind we are opening up our news feed to more writers. So if you have something to say, a news story to share or would like to organise an interview with us get in touch.

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COMING SOON! A Torrance Media web series. Directed by Leo St Paul; Written by Vivika Widow

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The Ragdolls Foundation

Just a little friendly reminder that proceeds from all Vivika Widow novels and all Torrance Media merc support Ragdolls UK.

The invaluable work of the foundation for girls with Turner’s Syndrome is only able to continue with our help.

Visit our website to check out what’s available. Grab your Vivika Widow thriller or Torrance Media goody knowing your contribution will bring hope to the lives of thousands of families across the UK.



For more on the foundation and their work check out:


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It’s time to Really Wake up and Live! by Neha Guunoo

Two-months back, I got a big break for my career – a new responsibility.
It was awesome; it was what I wanted, a new challenge so that I could push myself to being limitless.

So, I told myself that I would give my everything to learning this new role and be awesome in it..my everything…

I indulged myself into trainings and shadowing and learning everything about my new responsibilities. I was always on stress & tension because I didn’t want to screw things up. For two whole months, my work became my everything. I stopped doing my other things like writing, going on adventures; you know things that actually bring you inner happiness.
It was like this because I thought that if I dedicated my mind to something else other than this new role, this would disrupt my focus and decrease my productivity.
Eventually, as time passed by, my work took over my mind and my creative side got blocked. I felt zero connection with the universe and like my intuition stopped talking to me.
So, basically it was like my left side of my brain took over my mind and my right side got lost.
But, I said, it’s fine, the creativity will come back. This new responsibility is much more important than anything.

I kicked ass at work, I worked hard, I worked smart, for very long hours.
And, I proved myself & to everyone that it was not a bad decision to take me for this new role.

I felt good about myself that I have achieved this…for like 5 minutes. Then, I felt like complete crap.

Yups, I felt like shit 🙂

Why? Because looking back over those two-months, I saw myself grinding and working my ass off to impress the boss and not let anyone say that I wasn’t good enough for the role; which I accomplished.
But, I also lost weight because I was always skipping lunch to get the work done; I felt physically & mentally tired; I became to a point that I no longer wanted to look at my computer screen and I was waiting to the weekend to sleep..
Yeah… I became like the rest of the world.. zombies.. I had stopped living, I was only EXISTING.

Sure, I got more bucks – awesome.. getting more money is always awesome.. but, for what ?

For Fuck’s sake.. for what?

Yayyy.. I got more bucks and more responsibilities at work, but I was no longer inline with the vibration of the universe. I no longer loved myself.

That sucks.. like real bad..

I looked at some of my colleagues; when I first started working, I said – Nopes, am not gonna end up like them, people who work for the weekends. But, I did become like them..

And, all of a sudden, I didn’t like who I’ve become.. That’s not good at all..

We have to balance our life.. Work.. Career.. Money.. it’s awesome to have those in life.. But, the other aspects of our life are important too.. Health, experiences, connection, friendship, love..
What’s the use of having a little more money in life if we don’t have life experiences? If we do not have someone real to come back home to? Or, simply we neglected our health and now, we look like crap?

It’s not worth it.. 🙂

We can’t just give Only ONE aspect of our life our everything.
We have to give & receive in all aspects of our life..

Don’t say, let me work a lot this year, then next year when I have so much of money, then I’ll start living life like I want.. How do you know you gonna live till next year?

Start balancing.. Start to celebrate all your little wins, and not wait for the big ones to pop up the champagne… Go on that nature walk.. Stop saying “I have to work tonight, I’ll go out with my friends next week” and then, you never get the time & energy to actually go out.

It’s time to stop existing & really Live 

Originally posted on theelysiangeek.com

For more info click HERE 

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LIL UNICORN: The Web Series

Join our lil unicorn, Kirsten, as she meets new people, travels to new places and has all kinds of fantastic adventures. A colourful series that is fun for all ages!

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So a unicorn and a scarecrow meet at the festival. Yep, you heard that right!

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Lil Unicorn: Scarecrow Festival

Today launched the new web series on Torrance TV. Our lil Unicorn (Kirsten Connelly) is learning about the Scarecrow Festival organised by Brighter Bothwell in Scotland. It looked like a fun day out. The video is informative and fun for all ages.

Check it out!


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Raining Bubbles

Our lil unicorn demonstrates her bubble rocket. What better way to wind down a Tuesday?

Watch out for the super epic slow mo!

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Witches of Eastwick: A Review; by Lily Mosse

I was told by a few people that ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ was a classic for a reason. Having never read John Updike’s book before or seen the movie featuring Cher, Susan Sarandan, Michelle Pfieffer and Jack Nicholson I was intrigued. Reading the small synopsis of the story on the inside sleeve peaked my interest even more.

It is split into only three rather long chapters which really slowed the pace of the story. However, the general naughtiness of the plot made for some interesting characters. The three witches mentioned in the title were lacking compassion which is what I would expect from them but leaving them completely without any reason for the reader to find them likeable hindered the story. The other characters such as the other residents of Eastwick didn’t elicit any sympathy from the reader either. The effects of the witchcraft seem tame but that is likely to be my view as a product of my generation. Today writers are always looking to shock in bigger and more imaginative ways. Sometimes subtlety is best and although there was a lack of an explosive conclusion it was effective in leaving a lasting impression.

I can see where Hollywood would have snapped up Jack Nicholson to play ‘Darryl Van Horne’ in the movie adaptation because as I read his mannerisms and his voice simply leapt off the page at me. Darryl Van Horne – the main antagonist in the story – was written with such conviction and believability it is almost a shame he wasn’t the principle character.

John Updike had written the book from the prospective of the three women and in doing so he was portraying an understanding of women’s thinking which bordered on over compensation at times.

All in all ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ was a very daring novel for the 1980’s. It raises a lot of issues such as women’s rights and the damage gossip can cause which are topics still very relevant 30 years after its initial publishing.

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Knowledge is Power; by Vivika Widow

This week has been all about learning new things for me. Since childhood I have had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge which didn’t relent as I ventured into adulthood.

The world around us is an intriguing place. The wonders range from the sheer scale of the universe to the power of the tiniest micro organisms. The vast oceans that cover our planet are still in part a mystery to us. Billions of years have been spent building the earth to what it is today and yet like a shy maiden there are still parts of herself she still conceals from us. And why should she give us everything? The thankless overuse of her natural resources have left her tired and withered.

It is said that one day the sun will eventually exhaust all of it’s fuel. It will burn up, taking our beloved planet with it leaving nothing but a desolate wasteland much like Mars in its wake. Nothing will survive. Thankfully this is in billions of years but it does beg the question. What will happen afterwards? None of us will be around to witness this event but some primal part of us still can’t bear thinking of the earth no longer existing. Perhaps some other planet will be able to sustain life with the drastic change in temperature. Maybe another star will become the new sun. Maybe it is an end to it all … who knows?

What I do know is that knowledge and learning are important. We must learn about how we function as humans both mentally and physically. We must know all we can about the environment around us so we can stop destroying it. We must learn about the universe so that perhaps one day we can answer the age old question… why are we here?

So my darlings if you find yourself with time on your hands pick up a book, learn a new skill because it is this quest for higher learning, the ability to comprehend things on that kind of level that unites us as a species the way nothing else can.

Click HERE for more from Vivika Widow (author of Maestro, Red Snow and My Silly Little Confessions)

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Looking for Child Care? ; By Karen Denis

Child minders usually work alone, in their own homes and many have their own children.

My personal feeling is that babies are better with a child minder, than, say, a nursery setting, as a child minder is in a home environment and the adult to child ratio is a lot lower. It was one under one, three under five and six under eight in my day. Child minders also cover a wide age range, usually birth – 14 years, so your child could stay with a child minder for many years, including before and after school and during school holidays, if necessary.

Most of my work came from word of mouth, so ask around at your child’s school. toddler groups, etc. if anyone knows of a good child minder.. Health visitors are also a good port of call, or contact Ofsted for a list of registered child minders, in your area.

My advice, would be to visit several before making your decision. Although all childminders, follow strict Ofsted rules and regulations, we are all quite different from one another and you need to find one that is on ‘the same wave length’!

Initially you will need to make phone contact. to check on vacancies and then make an appointment to visit.I used to try to interview prospective parents, during the day, while I was working, if possible, to give them the feel of my setting while it was in use.

During the visit, parents should be shown, the registration certificate ( ideally this should be on display), insurance document, details of policies, Ofsted reports, first aid certificate and other qualifications gained, she should also explain about things like accidents / incidents and make out a contract, if you decide to go ahead,so every one is clear about every thing ( like fees, arrangements for non attendance etc.)

Questions to ask the child minder are how is behaviour managed? will there be extra fees for outings or meals? ( or should a packed lunch be provided) what happens if a child is taken ill during the day, ages of other children who will be at setting at the same time, etc.

My last piece of advice is to go with your gut instinct, if it doesn’t feel right look else where. Most of my child minding parents told me that they knew when we first met, that I was right for them and their offspring. I have made some life long friends from both parents and children from my time as a child minder.

As always questions/ comments are welcome.


Karen is a child care blogger with a wealth of experience.

For more info pop on over to www.thenextbestthingtomummy.com