Glasgow girl wakes in Inverness; By Anne Delaney

Written by Ann Delaney

It has long been believed that Glasgow – with it’s tall buildings and bustling streets – could never be mistaken for Inverness – with it’s old architecture and Northern feel.

Local girl, Sally Mutch, received quite a shock when after waving goodbye to her family at Glasgow’s Buchanan Street bus station she would awake hours later to find herself in Inverness.

Sally had been intending on visiting her Grandparents in one of Glasgow’s outlying towns, Cumbernauld, but as the bus rumbled away the soothing judder of the heavy engine caused her to fall into a deep sleep.

“I had bee studying the night before so I was really tired,” said Sally who is a student at Bannerman High School preparing for her Higher Grade exams.

The bus passed Cumbernauld. Being on her own none of the passengers had woken her. The bus then travelled across the country to Edinburgh. Sally still didn’t stir.

John Boller, a Citylink bus driver said, “I saw the young girl. She was lying on chairs at the back. She looked quite peaceful.”

The final stop on the journey was to the Highland city of Inverness. Finally the driver had to wake her up.

Imagine Sally’s surprise when she looked out of the window and didn’t recognise where she was.

“I have never been to Inverness before. I had no idea where I was,” said Sally.

Luckily she was able to contact her parents who sent her extra fair for her return journey.

Mr. Mutch quipped to Torrance Global, “I’ve always been telling her she should see a bit more of the country.”

While Citylink reviews their policies on notifying their passengers at each stop, Sally is intent on finishing her exams and studying Veterinary Nursing, She says she will not attend a College outside of Glasgow unless she gets a driving licence first.

buchanan bus station

Buchanan Bus Station: Image courtesy of


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