Teaching the young to hunt has been a bonding experience for fathers and sons for generations. As a proud father nothing was more precious to Graham Flint than time spent with his son, Peter, fishing. Ever since Peter was a small boy they made regular visits to the Osprey Heights in Dorset where a host of rivers of fresh trout awaited them. Since Peter fell into his teen years and began to concentrate on building himself a career in music their visits had become less and less frequent.

Graham was the lucky recipient of a £10,000 lotto win. With his winnings he looked to reignite his own and his sons love of fishing. After buying himself a brand new Honda he proceeded to buy new fishing gear including waders, jackets, rods, bait, fishing tent, stools and even new cases to keep their sandwiches in. Graham’s wife Margaret, even though having never expressed any interest in fishing, was impressed.

“He had spent so much money but it made him happy,” Margaret told Torrance Global.

A weekend was to be kept free, no plans were to be made. Father and son set off to their favourite fishing spot. They arrived in the brand new car (out for its first run at this point) and they proceeded to unload their new gear, some of which still had the tags on.

Having not been in a while, the found the fishing area they treasured had become a hot spot for other fishermen. Graham was disgruntled at the ten others stationed around the river bank. He persevered though looking forward to sharing time with his son.

The first cast came. “Watch this son,” Graham told Peter. He flicked his rod as only an expert would, poised himself like a professional and cast out. SPLASH!! Peter had stood idly by as his father’s hook caught the rod rest and was launched out into the river. One rod rest down. The other fishermen pricked their ears and craned their necks to see the commotion but were none the wiser of the blunder that had just occurred.

In the shops that sell fishing equipment the clerks will quite happily explain why their items are the best. They will baffle you with buzz words like ‘state of the art’ and ‘top of the range’ but one thing that even the most sophisticated of fishing gear can’t promise is that their bait will be any more appetising to trout. Graham and Peter sat idly by waiting for a bite but alas there was nothing. Sitting comfortably in their new chairs with their new jackets, proud of their new car they watched the other fishermen reel in their catch of the day.

Time came for lunch. Graham tried with all of his strength to wedge open their new sandwich cases, he pulled and he tugged and with one final struggle the lid gave way sending his sandwich rolling down into the river. Luckily it was wrapped in cling film.

Graham stated, “I tried to tell Peter discretely to go and fetch them for me.”

Far from discretely, Peter went lovingly chasing after his fathers sandwiches, being sure to inform the other fishermen that they were in fact his father’s and not his.

Mortified, Graham lowered his head and he and his son quietly carried on with their day. The shame of earlier passed. Finally a tug was felt on the rod. They had their catch. The delicate dance between man and fish was far from over. As Graham explained to Peter, “You need to tire them out first,” He pulled the catch here and there. It showed little signs of fatigue. The struggle with the Olympian swimmer was not over. Exhausted Graham handed his rod to his son to try and bring it in. He took a few steps backwards. Busy watching his son’s technique he lowered himself to his stool. The lining that was fresh from the store tore with a very audible rip. Graham landed squarely on the ground. He had positioned himself on the top of a rather steep small hill and as a result began to roll towards the water. Land, sky, land, sky, land, sky… SPLASH!

Amidst a raucous laughter Graham climbed back onto dry land. “You scared the fish away!” his son said to him.

“I couldn’t stay after that,” said Graham.

He and Peter packed away their new fishing equipment, drove off in their shining new car and never looked back.

Graham is now a regular listener of Peter’s music and is his self confessed biggest fan. He has decided that that is how they will bond from now on. The equipment was sold on ebay and now their days bonding over their catch over.


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