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Profile on Dr Tracey Connelly aka Vivika Widow; by Emily Toland

A profile on the charity work of Vivika Widow

Welcome to ragdollscharity.com

Receiving a “stern warning” from the United States Government is enough to throw most people off their stride. Dr Tracey Connelly however is unstoppable when it comes to achieving her goals.

Turner Syndrome is a genetic disorder affecting the height and sexual reproduction of females along with other varying factors. When diagnosed with Tracey’s family were told it was unlikely she would ever go to a mainstream school. Yet, fighting tooth and nail to get Tracey in to one paid off and she has never looked back. “I faced my own challenges growing up, but I was very lucky that Turner’s Syndrome never became a factor that would hold me back”

At the tender age of 12, a near fatal car crash changed Tracey’s life forever. She tells us how the car accident gave her a brand new perspective on life. Now more than ever life was there for living…

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