Hanging out with Leo St Paul

In between filming new shorts and a very ‘hush hush’ project we managed to coerce him into taking a breath. Fresh from the release of the first two instalments of the 6 N 6 series of Vivika Widow’s Red Snow we were curious as to the little things that can make a directors mind tick.

Knowing Leo was a jack of all trades in the media industry the first question we had to know…

TM Studio: What part of the media do you enjoy working in the most?

LSP:  Which ever one challenges me most at the time really… No real preference to be honest.

TM Studio: When did you first know you wanted to be a film maker?

LSP:  From as far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to make films. It’s hard without the ways or means to do so.

Funding can be the biggest struggle for any film project. The launch of the Conflict of the Throne series has certainly helped. It opened doors to me that would never have been possible before.

TM Studio: From what do you draw your inspiration?

LSP: I usually draw inspiration from everyday events. Seeing a man dropping something in the street could eventually become a spy or terrorist in a future story.

TM Studio: What advice would you give upcoming directors?

LSP: If you are in charge of a film and something doesn’t sit right with you, don’t ignore that instinct. Don’t give in. If something isn’t working try a couple of fresh approaches.

TM Studio: What are you working on at the moment?

LSP: I cant really talk bout that just now, powers that be and all that…sworn to secrecy….

TM Studio: Finally, Is there anything you CAN tell us about upcoming projects?

LSP: Big things are coming from the Conflict of the Throne series. I’m excited about where we are going next with the 6 N 6. Right now each day of work brings something completely different.

So there you have it. A director who draws inspiration from the world around him and who always trusts his instincts when it comes to film making.

For more information on upcoming releases from Leo ST Paul visit our website.

Episodes 1 and 2 of the ‘Myths and Tales’ series are now available on our channel. Hit subscribe for more news, info and movies.


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