Vivika Widow Tackles the Taboo; By Jen Large

The month of August will see the release of a much anticipated short story from Vivika Widow titled ‘The Grip’.

What makes this story so significant? Well it is the authors first trip down the drama genre so we are all quite keen to read it. The most important aspect of this story though, is the theme that it tackles. Suicide. It isn’t nice for anyone to discuss, especially when it involves a loved one but in writing this story Vivika Widow hopes to open up the discussion on such a taboo subject.

Speaking to Torrance Global she said, “We live in a society where it isn’t easy to discuss what is going on in your head. When asked how you feel the automatic response is always ‘I’m fine’. Open, emotional talks are not easy but it is up to us to make the subject a little less difficult to get out in the open.”

‘The Grip’ certainly presses deep into those issues, beginning with a woman receiving the tragic news of her son’s suicide leading her on path of discovery as she puts the last days of his life together.

It is a very thought provoking piece for a short story which will keep book clubs in discussion for a long time but the main factor to take away from it is that communication is key. In the fictional world, Vivika Widow demonstrates that tragedy could have been prevented if only there was not a distance created between mother and son. This is very relevant to the real world. Talk to those close to you. Be a beacon for them to share their thoughts with and in return be open about your own mindset.

The Grip is AVAILABLE NOW. Click HERE to pre order.

grip blurb announcement


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