Camera flare or Supernatural image?

Looks like an ordinary Scotland woodland scene doesn’t it? If you were to take a closer look you will see the fading image of a figure amongst the trees.

Collecting footage for the Torrance Media archives we stumbled across this strange photo.I’m sure there are many people out there who don’t believe in the existence of ghosts. We here at Torrance Media much prefer to believe that the strange and sometimes outright impossible is possible.

Where most will just see camera flare or some rational explanation we like to think that the spirit of a bygone era still resides in those forests.

Energy, which we are all made of, can neither created nor destroyed. When we meet our demise the energy that we carry around, every thing we’ve ever touched, every breath we have ever taken remains. It never disappears it is merely transferred. Whether you believe that this photo captures evidence of a spirit being or not one thing can’t debated, those centuries old trees have been touched by our ancestors, the pathways were once theirs. Their energy is forever around and this photograph captures that sentiment perfectly.

woodshot (2)


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