10 things to expect from Vivika Widow’s ‘My Silly Little Confessions’

1 – A First Person Narrative

MSLC will be the first Vivika Widow novel which makes use of a first person narrative. In doing this Vivika hopes to delve deeper into the murderous mind of Tracey Campbell.

2 – It’s A Comedy

Who said Vivika Widow can’t be funny? You wouldn’t guess it from the subject content but the story will be approached in a humorous, albeit dark, way.

3 – Revisit the Setting of Maestro

The atmospheric setting of Vivika Widow’s fictional towns Coldford and Filton, will be the backdrop for MSLC. Watch out for cameo crossovers from the Knock, Knock series.

4 – It’s a sequel

We all know that Vivika Widow enjoys writing short story prequels. We have Dust and Devotion which is the precursor to Red Snow and Rogue Battalion which sets the stage for Fall of Freedom. MSLC is a follow up to the short story Confessions of an Anatomist.

5 – Based on Not so True Events

Don’t call the cops! Although MSLC may seem like honest observations it is purely fiction. Eyebrows were raised when Vivika Widow’s ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ appeared in Myths and Tales volume 1. Vivika assures us that no one was harmed in the writing of MSLC.

6 – Gore Galore

Vivika Widow is a fan of the horror genre herself and although MSLC is technically a thriller there will be plenty of thrills, chills and blood spills. What sets it aside from other books in the same genre is that you can steal a cheeky giggle at the same time. The main narrator is charming, witty and endearing.

7 – Going global

There will be a whole host of appearances on the release of MSLC but Vivika Widow has also consented to a blog tour. This means MSLC will be released across the blogging community with giveaways, interviews, reviews and extracts for your enjoyment. Check out the Torrance Media website for more details.

8 – Adding to the Carnage.

Confessions of an Anatomist saw Tracey Campbell wreak havoc at her medical school. The rumours are that in MSLC she won’t be operating alone. Can someone say murder club?

9 – Twist

MSLC will take the reader on a journey into the darkest parts of the human mind. With that in mind we hope it will be complete with a killer twist ending.

10 – A Great Book

January 12th 2017. Save the date and prepare for one of the most exciting, enjoyable books of 2017.



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