Game Review: Batman Arkham Series; by John Taylor

With all the excitement of Arkham Asylum, Arkham City opens the world up even larger. I had heard a lot about the games and many of my fellow gamers claimed it to be one of the best video games they had ever played. I was sceptical. That was of course until I tried it for myself.

Colourful villains and exciting cut scenes were just part of what makes this game series so great. What makes its crowing achievement is its single button combat mode. It is so easy to kick ass even my four year old niece was charging through like a true Dark Knight.

Even if you’re not a fan of batman, comic books or even superheroes (I get it. Our cinemas have been saturated with them) it is still highly recommended. The Batman Arkham games make a thrilling adventure.

The joker gets the headline as Batman’s main nemesis but for me the stand out villain was Scarecrow. Most reading this will no doubt have read the comics or watched the movies so you will be familiar with Scarecrow’s use of fear. Without spoiling it for those who aren’t so familiar, it is suffice to say that you don’t seem him coming. You simply slip away from the main game play into a fear induced, alternate reality. It looks fantastic and it plays brilliantly into the game. It can be both fun and quite creepy.

Most games I play on easy, at least at first. This is because I find it frustrating if it gets too difficult too soon. I’m put off and liable to chuck it.

The game play is simple. The story is intriguing. It is a definite must play for any gamer and it fully deserves every piece of accolade it has been given.

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