Choose love, not hate; by Nigel Weather

In a world where our media is so saturated with hatred it isn’t surprising that we – the general public – are starting to lose our sense of humanity. We have entered an age of real dirty politics and with social media allowing us to share across a global audience there is very little left to uncover.

Is it that this particular generation of public figures are less worthy of the title than their predecessors or is it that the populous are becoming more politically aware? I follow political feeds and general opinions quite closely and it is worrying that there is no room for mature discussion on the topic. I am yet to find a political thread that doesn’t erupt into name calling, violent threats and insults. Is that what we have come to? I realise even as I write this, the heckles of some readers are going to stand on end even though I haven’t paid homage to any particular political affiliation.

That isn’t even the problem. The issue we really face is that the hatred that is constantly being placed on our televisions, computers, tablets and phones.

With the constant barrage of who is more despicable it is very easy to forget that there is a lot of good out there in the world. I like to take some time each day and track down stories of a more inspiring nature. I like to read of those who do good and do well. The idea of living in a world where we are so consumed with contempt for each other there is no going back is worrying. We are all on this planet together and rather than fighting over our differences lets take some time to join hands in our similarities. Teach our children that it isn’t okay to discriminate. Let go of that anger and start looking towards building a future. It seems like a simplified solution to a large problem but these problems are only difficult if we make them so. Only then will we have a truly neutral society in terms of gender, race and sexual orientation.

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