The true meaning behind ‘This Place’

“Monsters lurk in ever inch of this place.”

The warning rings out in this powerful short written by Vivika Widow and directed by Leo St Paul.

It is the tale of a young boy lost in a dark forest. He runs and he tries to hide but there is no escaping the monster that is in pursuit of him. On the surface it seems like a horror short (albeit a very powerful one) but Vivika Widow tells us that there is something much deeper behind it.

Throughout the short the haunting narrative taunts the child and reminds him that there is no hope.

“We all go to the same place in the end. We all go without a coin, a care or a friend.”

The boy continues to try and elude the invisible monster but it is relentless.

It seems pretty bleak but it is actually holds a surprisingly positive message.

“The monster is negativity,” Vivika Widow explains. “When a child is forced to accept limitations before they have even tried they will have negativity following them constantly throughout life. They will be lost in a lonely world with the voices of ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and other mental issues crying out to them.

“Thank you child, for taking the bait,” are the final words of the poem.

Vivika Widow states that, “the child in the poem has fallen prey to that negativity. It has gripped him. The outcome is bleak for the child in the poem. It teaches children that the forest of life can be intimidating but if you allow the negative comments to pull you further to the darker side of it, you might find yourself completely lost.”

So there you have it. Bleak, sad but with the positive message of a locker room prep talk. Vivika Widow’s THIS PLACE encourages you not to listen to those who tell you you can’t, even if those voices are in your own head.

Click HERE to check out THIS PLACE which is the second episode of the Myths and Tales series.



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