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My Silly Little Confessions: What we know so far!

The latest cover reveal from Vivika Widow’s upcoming thriller My Silly Little Confessions leapt onto social media last night and boy were we excited.

Simple yet effective we are one step closer to the full novel (Available January 12th 2017).

Here’s a run down of what we know about the book so far and what this new image can tell us:

  • The main character, Tracey Campbell, who featured in the short story ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ has clearly not given up her murderous ways.
  • When Confessions of an Anatomist ended, Tracey had some questions to answer from the police about the slaying of her fellow students. From what we can gather she is not in prison and is free as a bird.
  • Vivika Widow suggested on Twitter that this book will show a little of Tracey’s childhood and her family life. We can only imagine what that would be like.
  • With Tracey’s chances of becoming a doctor slashed (excuse the pun) she is now trying to become an author instead.
  • It will have the same wit and black comedy that ‘Confessions of an Anatomist’ had. It was this dark humour that made Confessions one of the favourite stories from the Myths and Tales series.
  • Tracey isn’t the only one in this story with murderous intentions.

What we are still to find out?

  • Who will join the body count and why?
  • What happened in Tracey’s childhood to give her the taste of murder?
  • Will she ever get caught?
  • Who is the bloodied body wrapped in in the blanket?

Pre orders for My Silly little Confessions will be available soon.

Click HERE for more details

mslc blurb announcement



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