The Myths N Tales series: What we know so far…

The release date for the Myths and Tales series will be will be revealed this month. As we await the details we’re taking a look at what we know about it so far.

Based on Vivika Widow’s Myths and Tales collection

This may seem obvious to some but for those who aren’t familiar with it, the web series is based on Vivika Widow’s 2014 poem and short story collection of the same name. It will feature poems such as ‘Princess and the Beetle’ and ‘This Place’.

Unlike the book the web series will also feature the work of Leo St Paul. It will include shorts from the ‘Conflict’ series and ‘Dial A Wife’.

It will be a mash of genres and styles offering something for everyone.

Princess and the Beetle will be the pilot

First out of the Torrance Media production room will be Vivika Widow’s ‘Princess and the Beetle’. Coming out swinging with a bit of comedy, the series has chosen one of Vivika Widow’s most popular poems to lead the way. For those who enjoyed the poem you are sure to love the short.

Close to the source

Those stories that are based on Vivika Widow books will remain loyal to their source material. Although the author has promised that they will be taken in exciting new directions.

A Myths and Tales Volume 2 (A graphic novel!)

Vivika Widow hinted at a second volume of the Myths and Tales collection. With a little arm twisting and a little begging it was confirmed by the studio that that is indeed the case. However, it will not be a written book. Instead it will be a graphic novel!

Could mean bigger things!

The studio announced earlier this year that those stories from the Myths and Tales web series will be considered for production into full feature films or as series’ in their own right. With so many different ideas on offer we look forward to seeing which ones manage to break away from the fold.

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