Ask Aunty: Gaping at Grandma

Dear Aunty,

I live in a quiet apartment complex. There has been some talk of a peeping tom in the area. I heard a loud bang and being a chivalrous gent I went to check on it.

When I stepped outside I caught sight of someone running away so I followed them. I tripped and fell over the bins.

Mrs Taylor, my eighty year old neighbour, who lives on the gound floor must have heard because her light blazed on. I stood up, she pulled the curtains back and there I was staring back at her through the window. She screamed so loudly I’m surprised she didn’t wake the whole complex up.

Now every one thinks I am the peeping tom! How do I convince them I’m not a pervert?

Gaping at Grandma

Well, that is a stupid problem to have.

It’s unfortunate you found yourself in that situation. You could try to explain what happened but I suspect that will just make you look more guilty.

My advice is to pack up and move. The sooner the better. Just pray your photo doesn’t appear on the news.


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