A hero For every Villain; by Ashley Williams

You may have seen a video that went viral lately. It should a woman in Canada demanding that her son be seen by a white doctor. Despite her son being sick she was not happy that there were no white doctors to attend to him.

In this hospital there are no white doctors?” she can be heard raging.

In a climate of fear this kind of racism is becoming more common. I had a similar experience lately as I was having lunch with my editor.

At the table across from us sat a man with his two boys. Throughout the meal he was becoming more and more aggravated. He had been unpleasant from the start to the waitress who wore a hijab and was as British as I am.

It started off when the waitress brought the drinks. He took the drinks and wiped where the waitresses hand had touched. Perhaps it was just a dirty glass I assumed so thought no more of it. After the waitress had offered a full and efficient service the man let off a tirade of racial abuse. He demanded that she went home (which, incidentally, was only two streets away). He told her that he would not obey her Sharia law (as though it were the waitress who wrote the laws).

My editor could see that I was becoming upset by this. It is difficult to watch another human being be bullied in such a way. Before I could offer my opinion on the manner another man stood up.

Britain is for everyone who treats others with respect,” he said. Without being aggressive he continued. “The girl has treated you well and if you are not willing to do the same you are the one who should go home. You are setting a shameful example for your boys.”

The abuser had nothing to say in return so he packed up the boys, paid for his meal and promptly left. The waitress thanked the man who came to her aid.

Seeing the poor girl having to face such unwarranted abuse was awful. However, like the man who stood up I like to believe that where there are people who act so horribly there are many more willing to step up and say,

No, that is not acceptable.”

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