Writers Wanted

We all have a story to tell. We are lucky to live in a world where it has never been easier to say what’s on our mind. Digital technology gives us the opportunity to spread the word to a wider audience than ever before. We are blessed with this and with that in mind Torrance Global came to be.

We strive to bring alternative news stories, interviews, reviews and much more to our global readers. Our stories normally have an inspirational tone because it is more important than ever to be reminded of the good that is going on in the world.

We are so excited be climbing from our humble beginnings to reach for the stars. With this in mind we are opening up our news feed to more writers. So if you have something to say, a news story to share or would like to organise an interview with us get in touch.

A note from the Editor



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COMING SOON! A Torrance Media web series. Directed by Leo St Paul; Written by Vivika Widow


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