Walking Dead (S7): A Review; by Alan Watt

Since Walking Dead will be returning for it’s eighth season in October I am going to have a little look at where it left off. This humble critic will offer their own thoughts on the season as well as give some of my opinions on what I feel is to come.


Introducing The Kingdom

I hadn’t read the comic books so I was seeing all of this new when it was shown on TV. I fell in love instantly with the Kingdom just from the very short clip that showed Ezekiel with Shiva. I mean who wouldn’t find a man with a pet tiger awesome!?
Unfortunately as far as the Kingdom was concerned it all went down hill from there. I was very disappointed with the way Carol (Melissa McBride) reacted to Ezekiel (Khary Phaton) and I was even more annoyed at his response. It showed me that despite having a tiger by his side he was not to be taken seriously. All that excitement had been for nothing. At the very end of season seven we got to see Shiva in action but it was much too late by then.


Daryl Dixon

His character was great in the beginning. He was a survivalist, he had a good attitude and Norman Reedus played the unlikely hero very well. However like the situation with the Kingdom it went down hill. The writers decided to play to Daryl’s gathering of female fans by making him brood more and generally become a bit of a snooze fest to watch. Hopefully season eight can see him pick his game up again.


Oh the drama!

Yes Walking Dead has always been a bit of a soap opera with a zombie apocalypse back drop and it’s one of the things that I enjoyed the show for but season seven had nothing but boring dialogue and story lines that were about as exciting as unbuttered toast! One particular episode comes to mind and it is one in which Tara (played by Alanna Masterson) was on her own adventure and discovered the new group at the shore lines. Firstly the acting capability was not vibrant enough to hold forty or minutes of an episode on her own and secondly by taking a different character each episode it further slowed the pace of a season that was already struggling.


I feel like I’m being a bit unfair so let’s take a look at some of the things that I did enjoy.


Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan there was a whole summer of anticipation of his character and what would do. The closing of Season Six had been the most explosive ending of a TV series I have seen for a long time. The direction, acting, cinematography, writing had all been on point. JDM’s vibrant acting always lit up the screen and the episodes of season seven that he didn’t appear in really lacked flavour.


Overall season seven boring and forgettable. I wasn’t surprised that it lost a lot of its viewership. I am hoping that it was just a matter of a slow season preparing to set up for a very exciting war.

What’s to come?

A war? More Zombies? Perhaps a story line that is worth tuning in for?

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