Ask Aunty: Canine Conundrum

Dear Aunty,

I had been happily married for ten years. I am a travelling salesmen so I am away a lot but never did I think I would lose my place in the house. I returned early from business to find my wife curled up on the couch with Dennis, my Doberman Pincher. He won’t let me anywhere near her and keeps slobbering all over her. I was devastated and to add insult to injury I had to clean up a large deposit he had left on the living room floor. Dennis has been my best friend for five years and he betrays me like this! I can’t do anything about it because… well he’s a Doberman Pincher. How can I move on with my life? A dog is supposed to be a man’s best friend!

Canine Conundrum


I think it is about time you pack up and leave. The dog owns the house now and unless you are willing to become his obedient servant you may wish to consider moving on.

I trust your wife will be well taken care of.

Have you ever considered getting a gerbil?


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