The Heart of the Young; by Amy Wallace

Billy Rhodes had always been a kind and loving boy. He always looked out for others. On the first day of school for his little sister, Hayley, he didn’t leave her side until she had settled in with new friends. When mum, Janet, noticed his pocket money was starting to go missing without anything to show she was concerned.

He’s a good boy,” she told TG. “At first I worried he was being bullied and his money was being stolen.”

Upon further investigation it came to light that Billy had been saving the money to put to a worthy cause. The ten year old had seen a television appeal on behalf of children who had been displaced by war. His noble young heart wished to do whatever he could to help.

I want to help people when I’m older,” he said.

An inspirational young man with a philanthropic spirit. Billy is certainly destined for great things. Working together with his mum he will be taking part in fundraising activities later in the year, starting with a sponsored cycle around the small island of Millport (UK).

We at Torrance Global wish him every bit of success. Stay tuned for more from this up and coming youngster who’s doing his part to bring hope to many across the world.

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